Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sorry for the lack of post.... But

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts.... trying to adjust to the back to school schedule... adjusting to my two youngest (4 and 1) on completely different schedules by the time all the chores are done it's time to pick my daughter up from the school and back to making dinner.  But I promise I will be back tomorrow.

Anyway on my spare time now I'm gathering up the children's ideas for halloween costumes and letters to Santa.  I found a great site where you can have your little ones call Santa and where you can also make letters from Santa for FREE.... Also I found some GREAT bargains on gifts.... Can you tell I'm already planning my bargains for Christmas Shopping.  My plan for this year is to have everyone's gifts bought, wrapped and hidden before Thanksgiving.

So be sure to look out for tomorrow's Secret Santa finds....  Also if there's something that you're having trouble finding I'll help you find it for a steal and/or with a coupon.... Just add your suggestions or personal request in the comment section.

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