Friday, August 3, 2012


What is CHD? CHD stands for congenital heart defect. Those three words changed my life forever... When you find out you are pregnant it's supposed to be a joyous time.  Preparing to expand your family, guessing the sex and deciding on names and colors were the first things I did. Having my first ultrasound to find out the sex was routine since this was my pregnancy. My sister a medical technician came with me as we were looking at the screen trying to figure out what the technician was measuring. When all of a sudden she walked out the room, I looked at my sister who told me to stay calm she knew but wasn't sure what was about to happen. The genetic doctor walked in the room and stated if I wanted the good news or bad news. I asked for the bad news first, she stated calmly " the baby has half a heart and it's a boy".  My heart sank... How could this happen, what's going to happen? I couldn't call my husband and deliver this kind of news to him over the phone. I waited until we were home and explained we needed to get a fetal echocardiograms to determine if in fact our child has a heart defect. It was the longest 4 weeks of our life waiting for our upcoming appointment. During the fetal echo we were remained quiet, once all the data was collected we were led into a room no larger than 3 X 3. The cardiologist came into the room with 2 diagrams, one of a normal heart the other of my sons heart. My son has several heart defects the main one being called Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. Once born my son would be led by the surgeons team and prepped for immediate surgery, a second surgery at six months and a third surgery at 2 years of age.  I have to admit that I cannot remember a word that was said that day in that box of a room. Those moments were a blur, moments that seemed to last forever. I am happy to say my son Charlie was born March 2, 2008 at 3:28am and several hours later I was able to hold him before being led to surgery.  Gratefully surgery was a success, Charlie had his second surgery at the tender age of six months old. 2 days later suffered a frontal stroke with the help of the neurologist, speech and occupational therapist he made a 100% recovery. Although it was difficult to hand him over a third time surgery again was a success. We celebrated Charlie's 4th birthday, became a big brother this year, he loves pirates and the color orange. Visits the cardiologist every six months for routine EKG and echocardiograms. Participates his annual Team Charlie heart walks. As the doctor explained to us it's hard to determine what the future may hold, never hold him back, enjoy life to the fullest. That's our life motto. If you would like to show your support for Charlie I created several Team Charlie logos that we used for his heart walks available for purchase.

Team Charlie 1
Team Charlie 2

 Heart Hugs


Andrea said...

I'm stopping over from the SITS forum!!

I think it is so brave of you to share your little guy's struggle with a CHD! I'm glad to hear that his operation was successful and that he is doing well!


Brooke Leiberman said...

Praying for you and your little guy! Stopping by from SITS ..follow back

PartyMom said...

Thank you so much everyone.... Charlie definitely has opened all our eyes on life... Never take any day for granted.

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